To Loosely Reside / Weeds – Useful Plants

2007, site-specific intervention in Worpswede, Germany


To break rules imposed by tradition

by environment

by the state

by guilt

by community

by morality

by oneself…

All this just to try to diminish dead ends, to acknowledge existing potentials of rejects.


I planted Amaranthus retroflexus L. – weed in the middle of cultivated plants’ field (wheat, corn…). I believe that a passer by will hardly notice a difference between a “rejected” and an “accepted” plant. 

This project was done in cooperation with Prof. Dr Ljubinko Jovanović. Also pamphlets are printed containing Jovanović’s scientific text about potential usage of weed in agriculture (please, look at the pamphlet).

It is realized with support of Worpswede and help of the family Drees.