The Event Place

2010 – , digital photography, variable dimensions

“The Event Place” consists of two parallel  photo-series focusing on places that are abandoned due to political, legal or economical reasons.

 One series depicts, interiors photographed at night, giving a hint of a possible events. The second series is based on fractography, a method being used to determine the cause of failure by studying the characteristics of a fracture surface.

Both series offer “an evidence” that can be used for reconstruction of the history that preceded the current state of photographed building. In fact they are more a tool for construction of a narrative fiction.

download the text (53 KB)
The Event Place, text by Maja Stankovic 

listen to the interview (in Serbian)
Snezana Stamenkovic and Dusica Drazic, “Kulturni krugovi”

watch the interview (in English)
Vojislav Radovanovic and Dusica Drazic for artyč