Surrealism of Simplicity

2006, site-specific performance in Weimar, Germany

In July 2006 the performance Surrealism of Simplicity took place in Weimar. My goal was to do work which will not be in public space, but rather within public space. For six nights and days I was living outside, moving inside of Weimar’s borders. The performance consists of a few segments. At first glance they are autonomous and different, but yet they are inextricably linked.

I will use this as an opportunity to present the segments all together:

– Leaving the home and entering the city;

– Sending the letters to the people who were important for me. Each letter started with same printed sentence:

“When I was a child, I went with my Father to woods. He would show me barely visible traces of where deer had slept.”

These letters also marked the beginning of the performance, locating it in a concrete place – Weimar, and at a precise time — July 2006;

– Sleeping in carefully chosen places — non-places, in contrast to the constant mobility — passing through the city during the day;

– Each time after waking up I took a polaroid photo of the spot where I had slept — of a “trace” which was made by the sleeping body. The photo was left at the very same place “trapped” inside the photo;

– Writing a diary;

Keywords are extracted out of these days: radiation, exposure, traces, picture, film, dreams, sleep, bed, home, safety.

Three different ways of working around the same topic are used, where each one can “speak” independently, yet also be supplemented by others. Two different texts — excerpts from a diary and a thesis paper, are juxtaposed. Excerpts from the diary are taken from the existing diary written during the performance. Both texts run parallel — the excerpts are on the left side and thesis paper is on the right. Layout obviously visually differentiates them. This book is being given away.

The third part is an audio-recording where I describe the performance, and it was emitted from a loudspeaker system in the parking lot of the shoping moll “Atrium” in Weimar. (This was one of my sleeping places during the performance)

download the book (216kb):