*breach, break, breakage, failure, fraction, fracture, infraction, rupture, split, layout

2008, site-specific installation, DKSG, Belgrade, Serbia

[…] Installation “Prelom – breach, break, breakage, failure, fraction, fracture, infraction, rupture, split, layout” is a reaction to a direct provocation and transformation of a gallery space DKSG in Belgrade. A pillar is perceived as a primary element of differentiation and organization of the space. Dražić multiplies one existing, original element – pillar, places many copies of the original until the point when the difference between the original and copies disappears, and the location of the original becomes unknown in a newly created constellation of the gallery space. While opening a new field for analyzes of our visual and bodily participation, the installation “Prelom” invites a viewer/visitor to enter the space and by that puts him/her into the state of inner movement. Blocked view, illusion of support – fake pillars and claustrophobia are strategies that Dražić uses in order to point into a deceit, to pose questions that go out of purely phenomenological view of the work.[…]

Maida Gruden, curator
(Excerpt from the catalog)

For a day a sound installation by WoO, an improv guitar player from Belgrade, was integrated into Prelom*.

Supported by PANCHINI d.o.o.