2015, installation | wood, 315cm x 250cm x 300cm

Modulus, 2015

The environments depicted, wether they be classrooms or playgrounds, in private photo-albums from the archive of the Museum of Yugoslav History, projected an image of children’s future. One has to question if the implementation of an ideology went hand in hand with the development of very specific stylistic and aesthetic rules.

“Modulus” looks at the design of small daily objects, but also at large scale urbanistic designs. This installation compares the two approaches in design presented in the albums, rescales them using a set of primitive components and places both a child and an adult within this new environment. Architecture seamlessly transforms into a playground toy, then into a piece of furniture. The borders are blurred by a formal continuity of modular shapes. The spectator is metaphorically invited to live and play in this constructed space.

The installation, build from identical wooden beams, functions almost as a technical drawing. A sort of architectural sketch in space. We only see lines suggesting where elements are located. Everything stays transparent and functions are merely suggested. As you complete the image in your mind, you can start to imagine a possible life within. A woman walks through the door, a child crawls up a ladder,… But however vivid the image becomes, you realise that the structure can never be a functional space.

Modulus, 2015

MIJ-800-007, 1954 / photo from the archive of the Museum of Yugoslav History

Production: KIOSK, Belgrade, Serbia