2013, 7 sculptures (plaster, 30x30x13cm)

Landscapes [2013]

Looking at the landscape, observing its topography we stay in oblivion, not knowing how much time has past and and how much force was needed to come to this moment we gaze into. By cutting into the landscape, we discover multiple layers. Although often invisible, a radical change of the surface we walk on is caused by deep, inner, continuous drifting of plates. Due to the slow, invisible migration of plates and their interaction, depending on their primary matter, this seemingly static landscape in front of us is constantly being recreated. Time is a crucial factor, but also the most difficult to grasp. Often resistant, plates move and interact, and in that process they collide, slide, separate, subduct, fold…

If buildings are observed in the same way, we notice a similar changes in their seemingly stable structures. “Landscapes” are fragments of those changes translated into precise plaster casts, acting as a parallel to the traces of the slow formation of a landscape.

The work is coproduced by bm:uk (Bundesministerium fur Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur)