Industrial Arboretum

2012, site-specific installation, guided tour, printed matter

Industrial Arboretum

It’s a little path made by its users, without a plan, in order to do something that the usual administration could not or did not do – so there’s a slight trace of disobedience or independence – people may do things that we can’t predict.
Jeff Wall about his photo “The Crooked Path”

The correlation between the industry, nature and culture was emphasized by initiating Dockville project.  Each of these polarities get the status of a margin, and the site becomes their fringe. The transition from one into another is reflected in the present landscape that is being changed from year to year – from the uncontrolled nature of an abandoned industrial site to more cultivated.

Industrial Arboretum consists of two segments. 11 viewing platforms (similar to what birdwatchers use) were placed all over the site. One could stand on it and change the point of view to observe daily changes of the urban landscape. The map with all the platforms marked was printed and the visitors could explore the site on their own. By looking for the platforms they would discover the area itself. Also, the guided walking tours were organized.

The second part is the book Industrial Arboretum with printed samples of vegetation. The book is an archive of the plants from the site that existed at the moment when the work was realized.

Industrial Arboretum / book

Production: Dockville, Hamburg, Germany