The Dead-end Street

within Semiotics of the city
2009, installation, DKSG, Belgrade, Serbia

dead-end street

A L-shape corridor was constructed in the gallery. I placed one light-box with the photo of a dead-end street in the end of it . The photo itself was an extension into public space, but also a place for contemplation.

“This sort of spatial installations engages the participation of the visitor’s body and generates additional symbolical meaning. Thus The Dead-end Street connects a spatial-perceptive and a performative potential of the artwork. Literally entering the artwork and walking towards the photographed dead-end street, the visitor is compelled to turn away from it, to yet again look for the exit, to think about other possibilities and alternatives of leaving the dead end.”

Maida Gruden, curator
[Excerpt from the catalog]


Download the catalogue (608kb):
Semiotics of the city


The project Semiotics of the city was supported by: Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans,  Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Ministry of Culture – Republic of Serbia